Kimberly Dias, 1992

Visual Artist.

Black sheep. Blackmail. Call the kettle black. Although outdated and widely criticized, black is still the most used color for the unknown, the negative, even death.

But… is it really that black and white? Because all over the world, black also stands for chique, majestic and proud. For positive power. From the complex, politically charged expression of black identity, to the one simple item that every woman should have in her closet: a little black dress.

Black is style. Black is power. Black is life. Black is me.

Obsessed by skin color, race, ethnicity, cultural background, bodies, light and composition, I investigate who I am as a person and visual artist, while involving the audience in a subtle manner. Departing from my own experience and vulnerability, I employ photography as a way to record, emphasize and amplify my emotions, sensitivity and chains of thought.

To explore, capture and try to define these layered thematics is a huge challenge that I accept again and again. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t, but I can’t let it go, I can’t escape it. Instead, I dive in deeper, and creatively translate frustrations into fascinations, whining into communicating. As such, I aim to create a space where chains of thought and visual expressions can playfully come together.

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